#Weeknotes 45 (26 Nov) — Consequence of systems-led vs user-led services

  • Situation: Someone who needs ongoing therapy getting told they can only receive 12 sessions because there’s a long waitlist
    Outcome: After 12 sessions, the person loses support and the risk of deteriorating mental health increases
  • Situation: Someone in need of specialised mental health support only to be rejected of that support due to being pregnant and not fitting into their patient profile
    Outcome: The person gets denied the support they need and is left to manage on their own which increases the chance of them going into Crisis
  • Situation: Someone with a diagnosis of personality disorder and gets put on the waitlist for 5 years to get support
    Outcome: Mental health is left unmanaged which leaves the person vulnerable and unable to cope on their own and thus puts their health at risk
  • Situation: Someone with complex health needs gets support from multiple care services and has to manage communication between these services because they don’t share information amongst themselves, leaving the patient to be the middle person to be on top of their health situation despite them not being in a good place to do so
    Outcome: They forget who they need to see and when. When they miss appointments, they risk being ‘kicked out’ of the care support they rely on
  • Situation: Someone with lived trauma has to repeat their history every time they see a new health care provider because critical information isn’t being passed on
    Outcome: Patient becomes reluctant to receive health support in fear of reliving trauma and don’t get the support they need and further putting themselves at risk
This comic illustrates another example of how people don’t get adequate care and are often left to manage health on their own even when they are unable to. Comic credit to Randy




Senior UX Consultant at @cxpartners | Mindful Optimist

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Julie Sun

Julie Sun

Senior UX Consultant at @cxpartners | Mindful Optimist

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