#Weeknotes 42 (6 Nov) — Measuring mental strength

  1. You have felt sorry for yourself about circumstances or how others have treated you
  2. You are affected by how others treat you (Eg. feel intimidated or bad when criticised by others)
  3. You enjoy established routines over change and unpredictability
  4. You get upset and tend to dwell on things out of your control (Eg. lost luggage or traffic jams)
  5. You tend to please everyone and try to avoid upsetting anyone
  6. You think of risks as gambling
  7. You tend to dwell on the past (Eg. relive bad experiences or fantasize about the glory days)
  8. You find yourself making repeated mistakes or bad decisions in life which you can’t seem to break from
  9. You are affected by other people’s success (Eg. being hard on yourself or envious of others’ success)
  10. You lose motivation when experiencing failure. (Eg. Likely to give up if things don’t work out on the first try)
  11. You fear being alone with your thoughts and are dependent on others for companionship and entertainment
  12. You feel you deserve more than what you currently got
  13. You enjoy seeing the fruit of your labour instantly rather than waiting around
I created a questionnaire based on Amy Morin’s article to gauge one’s mental strength.




Senior UX Consultant at @cxpartners | Mindful Optimist

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Julie Sun

Julie Sun

Senior UX Consultant at @cxpartners | Mindful Optimist

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