#Weekthings 1 (10 Dec) – Couch bad, bouncy balls good

  • Bending down: You know you’re heavily pregnant when you drop something on the floor, it’s dead to you
  • Your belly gets in the way whenever you need to do things over a table or counter or sink. I have to bend awkwardly to wash my hands. This makes sit down meals, meal prepping and any washing particularly tricky
  • Changing trousers is a struggle because it requires bending. That gets really uncomfortable. More often than not I find myself just kicking my trousers and underwear off
  • Going to the toilet is a feat and requires ultra-stretchy trousers: in order to accommodate the giant mass of the belly, my default sitting position requires my legs to be spread as far apart as possible. Yes sitting like most dudes. Except it’s out of necessity. Only the super stretchy trousers allow my legs to extend far apart
  • Getting breathless easily: my heart rate would average over 120bpm when just going for a stroll. Of course, my walk looks more like a penguin wobbling sideways while trying to move forward at the same time. There is no other way to walk if you want to minimise discomfort




Senior UX Consultant at @cxpartners | Mindful Optimist

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Julie Sun

Julie Sun

Senior UX Consultant at @cxpartners | Mindful Optimist

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